Our feet is probably the most delicate part of our body.  From a health perspective, we always check up our heart, our lungs, our stomach and other organs, but to be hones we never give enough importance to our feet. But our feet is the junction for most of the veins, nerves and tissues and to keep healthy, clean and safe will definitely help us  to keep our overall health in a better condition.

But do you know how to choose best socks for you?

If you don’t know here are some tips:

Choose soft socks

If you are an active person in life, your feet must be much more comfortable. When you we are not sitting, our feet needs support and this support may come from the socks. Nevertheless, we need soft socks like sponge. So before buying the correct socks, check the fabric. Most cotton socks have enough softness. The only rule for this running. Sports shoes are specifically designed for comfort and softness. For this reason, you’ll not need soft and thicker socks while running.

Test it before buying

It sounds bizarre to test socks but you can do it in a shop, if the shop rules dictate otherwise. You can wear the socks and walk in the store for a while to understand whether they fit to your feet or not. If you are not feeling comfy and you feel little cramps, this means this is not the perfect sock for you.

Follow the curves on toe and heel

It is very crucial to be sure that socks perfectly fit to your feet. If the socks are too tight, then they may irritate sensitive areas. If they are too lose, then they will look funny on your feet.

Choose seamless socks

Perfect pair of socks will have few stitches or be completely seamless. If your feet has a sensitive skin and get easily blistered, you have to fully aware of the situation and choose seamless socks.


Length of the socks matter

Well, it is an old dispute whether size matters or not but in case of socks, the length for sure matters. If you like walking or hiking, a pair of socks that cover your ankle will be your right choice.

Socks have gender

You may think that many socks are unisex. This is true to some extent but if you are female, it is likely better to choose socks that are produced for females. Because female socks will likely have less material and their heels will be more curvy and comfy.


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