1. What is the chemical formula for granite?

Granite is a hard igneous rock. Its chemical formula is complicated. 

This coarse-grained rock mainly consists of quartz, orthoclase, and mica. While it is a distant cousin of quartz and onyx, it is different from marble, a different limestone version. 

Igneous: “Relating to, resulting from, or suggestive of the intrusion or extrusion of magma or volcanic activity.”

 %72 percent of granite is silicon dioxide. The formula is SiO2. %14 of the granite is alumina -Al2O3. We can call it aluminum oxide. It is a white crystalline substance. 

Interesting Facts About Granite

Throughout history, humans used granite as a building material. It is among the oldest and most durable building products available and can far outlast the building during which it’s installed. It’s become the material of choice for today’s luxury homes and offices due to its enduring beauty and since no synthetic material can yet compare to its elegance and performance. Granite may be a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.