1. How To Clean Cement Tile?

Cement tiles or encaustic cement tiles are still trendy these days. There are many reasons for that. First of all, you have almost unlimited options choosing cement tile. They are fully customizable with endless possible patterns and color combinations. 

Today they are unrivaled even by new porcelain tiles that have recently been released onto the market by high-end Italian and Spanish porcelain manufacturers. Why? Because they are suitable for both floors and walls.

encaustic cement tile
Photo by Samuel C. on Unsplash

Cement tiles are highly durable. If installed and sealed properly, a cement tile on your wall may outlive many porcelain or ceramic tiles. They’ll last for hundreds of years if properly taken care of.

Traditionally, this material would be highly polished, giving the tiles a bright, polished sheen that might make them very resistant. You can also wax them alternatively. Each new wax layer on the cement tile will provide extra protection. 

You can try to wax them on site by yourself. But it is not recommended. Because of these materials’ nature, you should hire an expert who will properly seal and clean the encaustic tiles. Polished cement tiles really look fresh and delightful. 

Here is our simple cleaning and maintenance guide for encaustic cement tiles.