2. Maintenance of Cement Tiles

The cement is solid as a rock. For this reason, maintaining cement tiles isn’t very difficult. But of course, there are some basic rules to upkeep your beautiful tiles. 

encaustic cement tiles
Photo by HAMED NAJAFI on Unsplash

Firstly, we recommend mopping your cement tiles regularly with clean water. Also, you can use a neutral cleaner that you can easily buy from department stores or Amazon. 

What makes cement tile so strong and beautiful is the mixture of cement powders and natural marble powders. These elements make cement tile have their unique finish. However, cement by nature is porous, just like natural stone. For this reason, you have to seal them. 

Sealing will extend the life of cement tile. Also, upkeeping them with proper cement tile cleaning products will make them bright and shine for a very long time. 

cement tile
Photo Credit: Zea Tiles

Start cleaning the spills as fast as possible. Make your cement tile completely dry with a clean cloth. You have to clean tiny residues from the surface.

This will prevent your tiles from any staining or any permanent damage. Some liquids are acidic, like wine or orange juice.

These liquids may degrade and wear the sealant over time. If you don’t remove them on time, they may leave a stain on the cement tile. 

Pro tip: If your cement tile is on the high traffic areas such as hallways, entrances, etc., you may consider covering them with mats or carpets. This will reduce the cane of wear and tear caused by pedestrian traffic coming in from outside. 

If you don’t want to cover them with a rug or mat and still want to use them in high-traffic areas, you can seal them twice. For kitchens and hallways, using a further top-coat sealant will give the tiles a soft glow. 

Do not let dirt build up on top of your cement tiles. To prevent this, you can clean them at least every month.