With their posh, ageless design and a variety of patterns and shades, granite kitchen countertops are among one of the most prominent kitchen area surfaces. There are many benefits to installing granite for your cooking area counters, not the least of which is the reasonably necessary maintenance. However, some ideas and methods can assist you in maintaining your granite looking first-class every day. Utilize this overview to cleaning and maintaining your granite kitchen counters to help your surfaces to stand up well over time.

Wipe It Down Usually

Maintaining your granite countertops mess-free is one of the most integral parts of preserving this cooking area surface. Whenever you make use of the kitchen area, make sure to clean up messes as you go, especially those from acidic substances such as red wine, coffee, soda, fruit juice, as well as tomato sauce. The acid in these liquids can potentially discolor the counters, so you do not wish to leave those messes sitting there for long.

When cleaning the counters, utilize a soft microfiber fabric that is either wet or completely dry just with water. You should avoid using any kind of rough chemicals or unpleasant cleansers. These kinds of products, consisting of vinegar, bleach, and Windex, can potentially scratch the surface thoroughly. If you do need a little additional assistance with a problematic area, utilize a rock cleaner developed with a neutral pH, or try scrubbing with some warm, soapy water as well as a soft sponge.

You might additionally wish to disinfect your granite countertops occasionally. To do this:

  1. Mix equivalent parts of water and 91 percent isopropyl alcohol, and pour it in a vacant spray bottle.
  2. Splash the solution onto the granite and also permit it to sit for 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse the surface with water and also dry it with a tidy microfiber fabric.

Work at the Stains

Because it’s a kind of stone, granite can tarnish when revealed to acidic compounds or oils. There’s a rather elemental remedy you can attempt for raising the tarnish out of the stone. Mix baking soft drink and water into a velvety paste. Use a soft towel or a sponge to rub it right into the discolor delicately; after that, wash extensively with water. You could have to repeat these steps several times to obtain the discolor ahead out.

You can apply the paste of baking soda and water over the area for a specifically hard stain and leave it there. Cover the place where you’ve used the paste with plastic wrap and tape the sides to the counter with video that can conveniently be gotten rid of. Keep it in position till the paste dries; typically, you will undoubtedly require to leave it overnight or even for a day or two. Then, remove the plastic wrap, wipe away the paste with a soft towel, and wash the place with water.

Add Some Luster

To provide your granite a beautiful radiance, you can sometimes oil the surface. This gives it a glossy luster that’s incredibly appealing and can highlight the one-of-a-kind colors as well as patterns in your kitchen counters.

Begin by using a percentage of cooking oil on a soft cleaning towel. Clean the oil throughout the kitchen counters, go back, and carefully buff the whole surface area. Besides producing a nice shine externally, this aids your granite countertops to stand up to discoloration.

Reseal If Essential

Resealing granite countertops is another maintenance task you’ll require job care of. Nonetheless, not all granite surface areas need to be resealed, so some property owners will certainly avoid this step. There’s a simple examination you can perform to figure it out if you’re not sure whether your countertops need to be resealed.

how to clean granite countertops
Courtesy of Marble Systems | Granite Slab

Spill a bit of water externally to create a small puddle. If the water grains up immediately, you do not require to reseal your countertops currently. Nevertheless, if the water starts to penetrate the granite and leaves a dark area, you need to get your kitchen counters resealed soon.

Hire experts to reseal your kitchen counters when required; resealing the granite on your own is not something that would make a good Do It Yourself job. Typically, granite countertops should be resealed every 2 to four years.

Look For Repair Services

Most of the job you’ll do maintaining your granite countertops focuses on the everyday clean-up of little spills and messes. Around as soon as a year, you ought to take some time to check your whole counter location carefully to look for any kind of future problems.

Look for stains as well as scrapes along the surface area. You may require to beam a brilliant light on it or consider it from a side angle to see if any scratches are present. Pay close attention to the seams and edges of the countertops as well. These areas are one of the most prone to moving as well as fracturing.

If you do notice discolorations, scrapes, fractures, or other problems, call a stone-care expert. You don’t want to delay repairing any type of damaged spots; delaying therapy can make the damages worse as well as increase the eventual repair work costs. You may require to replace them entirely if your countertops end up being also harmed.

How To Clean Granite Countertops?

Along with the recurring and also regular upkeep for granite countertops defined over, there are a few things you can use daily to aid protect this vital surface in your kitchen, including:

Coasters: Placing coasters under glasses, containers, cans, and various other items that can leave or scratch dampness on the surface is a smart move for maintaining your granite countertops in good shape.

Trivets: Technically, you can place hot pots and pans directly on a granite counter right after taking it off the range. Yet if you desire your counters to last, use trivets and hot pads rather. In uncommon cases, granite can experience a crack due to the thermal shock from a warm frying pan.

Reducing boards: Always cut on a cutting board and also not directly on the rock. Granite can be scratched while missing as well as can additionally damage your blades’ sides.

To keep your granite countertops looking fashionable, follow this guide for proper maintenance. With a couple of simple steps, you can aid shield your granite from damage.

With their stylish, ageless style and a vast range of patterns and shades, granite countertops are among the most popular cooking area surfaces. Utilize this guide to cleansing and also preserving your granite countertops to assist your surfaces in holding up well over time.

Maintaining your granite countertops mess-free is the most crucial component of preserving this cooking area surface. In enhancement to produce a great shine on the surface area, this helps your granite countertops stand up to discoloration.

Resealing granite kitchen counters is another upkeep task you’ll require to task care of.

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