1. How To Clean Marble Tile?

How to clean marble tile? Do you know how to properly clean your beautiful marbles, marble tiles, and marble countertops? In this article, we’ll deep dive into the cleaning process. 

Marble is one of the oldest and most popular natural stones in human history. In fact, marble has the same chemical structure as limestone. Both natural stones are made of calcium carbonate. We can say that marble is evolved from limestone with heat and pressure.

how to clean marble tile
TaJ Mahal is famous for its gorgeous white marbles. Photo credit: @vidhistuff

This metamorphosis is very similar to caterpillars and butterflies. In our case, if limestone is the caterpillar, marble is the stunning butterfly of the natural stone market.

In this metamorphosis process, marble is mixed with other elements in nature. That is why marble has beautiful and intriguing veins and different colors. The more your marble is striking, the more it is more expensive than regular marble. Like most other precious things, life, sensitive and expensive stuff requires extensive care and maintenance.