1. How to clean tile grout in the shower?

How to clean shower tile grout, and what is the best way to clean grout? You can be stuck with these questions while you are taking a shower. The grouts may look dirty. These dirty grouts will deteriorate the quality of the wall and cause visual pollution.

The problem is not only the visual pollution, of course. Grout is a stubborn material, and sometimes it may take time to clean it properly. But there are some techniques that you can easily apply and make this cleaning process way easy than expected.

Before starting to clean the grout, you should start cleaning the tiles. There are different types of tiles. In this article, we’ll focus mostly on ceramic and porcelain tiles. Cleaning natural stone tiles such as marble, travertine, and granite is another story. 

To clean your tiles properly, you can use some special detergents. There are many out there. But we’ll suggest five easy and inexpensive alternatives that you can easily apply at home.