Wood look tile is a good alternative for people who like ceramic or porcelain but also want a sense of wood floors in their houses.

A lot of readers have actually told us that setting up floors made of wood look tile goes to the top of their to-do list. It simply doesn’t fit right into their budget plan.

Instead they would like to know even more about floor tile that looks like wood. Is it a great alternative to typical hardwood flooring?

The answer could shock you. Yet, before I tell you about what I uncovered, let’s cover our bases. What is wood look floor tile, anyway?

Today, ceramic tile suppliers utilize high-definition inkjet technology to print wood grain patterns onto porcelain and ceramic floor tiles. Not only does the ceramic tile look like timber yet it also has grain texture, as well. Cool, huh?

It is not wood and also really feels different when you touch it, I question your guests will certainly also notice. And also, tile is much easier to keep, prices less as well as is moisture immune.

Can you think it provides all of these advantages and it’s less expensive than hardwood flooring? What’s the catch?

How Much is Wood Look Tile Price?

You’ll know that the costs include up fast if you’ve spent anytime looking at hardwood floor covering prices! However, even if you have a small budget plan there’s no reason that you can’t obtain the wood flooring look you’ve been dreaming about.

Tile that looks like timber is offered for $1.89 per square foot at online stores like Lumber Liquidators. That indicates you might acquire adequate tile to cover your cooking area floor for less than $400! When compared to hardwood floor covering you might quickly save over $1000 in just one area alone.

Benefits and drawbacks of Wood Look Tile

Beyond price, there are several other reasons property owners are gathering to hardwood options like floor tile. One of the main reasons is longevity.

Let’s be sincere, hardwood floor covering looks so great you’ll probably intend to place it throughout your whole residence – I recognize I do. However, actual harwood’s number one enemy is moisture. That implies you should not install it in your shower room or kitchen.

Rather, take into consideration porcelain wood look ceramic tile. It is extra sturdy than ceramic tile as well as soaks up less water. You most likely won’t also discover that it’s not real timber once it’s set up.

You might be beginning to understand that I’m a big follower of this things. Well, you’re right and I can most likely continue about the benefits for days. However, prior to I do, let me point out a few of the down sides.

Scrapes and Refinishing

The very first (apparent) thing I require to state is that ceramic tile can not be redecorated and scrapes can not be sanded out like they can with hardwood. , if a floor tile is damaged you’ll need to discover an identical substitute floor tile to fill its place.. When this happens it may be nearly difficult or very easy to locate a reproduction ceramic tile, depending on.

If you plan to upgrade your style or alter the shades in your residence, you won’t be able to transform the shade of your timber floors. The shade you pick is the color you’ll be stuck to.


I should likewise mention that if you plan to mount timber appearance tile in a huge area of your residence, you’ll have a lot of grout to clean. While this may not influence your final decision, it is something to bear in mind if you despise scrubbing grout lines.


Let me give you a brief warning if you’re believing regarding mounting your own flooring. Laying floor tile is a lot tougher than it looks. Yes, you can save yourself a couple of hundred bucks by doing it yourself. You may obtain a cleaner as well as more specialist outcome if you let a pro do it for you.

Don’t forget that laying ceramic tile likewise takes longer than mount timber floor covering. That’s due to the fact that you have to lay the ceramic tile bed, thoroughly mount the floor tiles and grout the tiles when they are in place. This means you’ll get on your hands and also knees for longer than you can probably think of.

Although both hardwood and also floor tile can be set up by the ordinary house owner, ceramic tile is a much more hard ability to discover. In addition to, tile has a lot less margin for error – you’ll see every error you made anytime you stroll on your new floors.

Tiles that appear like timber are likewise far more vulnerable than conventional square ceramic tiles. Due to the fact that they come in lengthy floor tiles that look like timber planks, that’s. They tend to barge in half during shipping as well as installment.

If you intend to order your tiles online, make certain to ask the business you’re purchasing from about their return policy for harmed ceramic tiles (or if they even have one).

Next Actions

wood look tile

Before you enter your car and also head to Home Depot to get a cartload of ceramic tile that resembles wood, there are a couple of concerns you must ask yourself.

Do you plan to install it on your own or employ a pro? If you are planning on working with someone to set up the tile, be sure to budget for the additional expenses. On the other hand, if you are installing it on your own, provide on your own an additional day or two in your timetable to finish the job. It will certainly take a lot longer than you anticipate.

Will the tile be installed in a location where it could get chipped or scratched? Wood-like floor tile is resilient as well as affordable it is less forgiving than natural wood.

If you prepare to install it in an area where products are often dropped or moved along the floor, you may intend to think again. One of the benefits of wood flooring is that it can take years of abuse as well as be gone back to its initial problem with some sanding and refinishing.

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